Trim Capping & Gutter Specialists


Trim Capping Systems

Our vinyl and PVC trim capping systems will enhance and protect all exposed wood trim on your home including soffit/fascia, window and door frames.

Replace All Deteriorated Trim

All deteriorated trim is replaced prior to capping to insure your capping will last for a lifetime. We also install decorative accent trim for windows and doors, super corners, rim and freeze boards to set our jobs apart from other contractors. Vinyl shutters are also a nice finish touch to our siding work.

Aluminum Gutters

Design A Castle installs seamless aluminum gutters in 5 and 6 inch K Style or Half Round profiles with 2 x 3 downspouts or extra wide 3 inch x 4 inch style for added drainage.

before and after gutters

Gutter Protection

We offer Leaf Free Gutter Helmet Protection Systems to all gutters for maximum protection against leaves, debris and ice damming along edge of roof. You will never have to clean your gutters again! If your gutters ever get clogged up, we will clean them out for you free of charge!

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