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Design A Castle Roofers in Medford, New Jersey

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    Design a Castle Roofers in Medford, NJ

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      Roofing Services Provided in Medford, NJ

      • Replacement of deteriorated shingles
      • Repairs on all different kinds of roofing 
      • Fast and professional installation services
      • Roof inspections
      • Ventilation system installations
      • Quick response time and quality customer service
      • Fair and affordable pricing

      Why Choose Design A Castle

      Design A Castle has been serving residents of Medford, New Jersey, since 1975. Our family-owned and operated roofing company is dedicated to providing Medford residents with work that lasts. We understand that roofing issues can be stressful and inconvenient, that’s why our team will go above and beyond to provide you with fast response time, and equally as fast service. We also promise to provide you with fair pricing to give you the best work for your money. Whether you need a simple repair on your roof, or you need a completely new roofing system, Design a Castle is here for you.

      Roofing Systems that last

      Our team of experts takes pride in providing homeowners with a service that will last for years to come despite Medford, NJ weather conditions. Our roofing systems can handle humid summer air, as well as ice and snow. When you work with Design a Castle, you are making an active effort to protect your home. In addition to your roof having a prolonged lifespan, each roof is also inspected by the owner of Design a Castle upon completion.

      Different colors of shingles

      Durable Shingles with Surenail technology

      We are proud to provide various roofing services and options to homeowners in Medford, NJ. Our main area of expertise is installing durable shingles with SureNail Technology. SureNail Technology combines performance with aesthetics. This soft, yet modern look is the future of fiberglass roof shingles. SureNail Technology takes durability to the next level as these shingles can handle up to 130 mph winds and come with algae resistance.

      Looking for a quality and professional roofing service in Medford, NJ?  Contact our team of roofing experts today.

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