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Siding Contractor in Cherry Hill, NJ

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    Design a Castle, a family-owned and operated siding company, has been repairing and replacing siding in Cherry Hill, NJ since 1975. Our expert siding contractors have provided countless Cherry Hill, NJ homes with durable and attractive siding, all while completing the job in a timely and professional manner. No matter what kind of siding you are looking to get repaired or replaced, Design a Castle can help.

    Are you located in Cherry Hill and looking for a siding company to repair or replace your siding? Contact our team of knowledgeable siding contractors today at (856) 988-7775 to learn about how we can help you.

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    Siding Contractor in South Hampton, NJ

    Working hard for South Hampton, NJ since 1975, Design a Castle brings professionalism, quality, and a family-owned touch to repairing and replacing siding. Our siding contractors masterfully apply their experience to give your South Hampton home the beautiful and durable siding it deserves. Whether you are looking for a whole new exterior or are only seeking minor repair work, allow us to put our proven skills to work for you.

    If you’re in the South Hampton area and want your siding installed or replaced, don’t wait any longer – give our team of siding contractors a call (856) 988-7775. Taking the home you know and making it a home to show is our passion!

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      Trusted Siding Contractors in South Hampton, NJ

      Are you in the market for a complete exterior renovation to add new life to your home’s old-fashioned look? Design a Castle’s team of experienced siding contractors located in South Hampton, NJ, is professional, fully licensed, and eager to install the siding you and your family deserve. Our vinyl siding is stunning, keeps its color, and is exceptionally durable. Plus, it adds insulation to your home, saving you money on energy costs.

      Our siding company is awaiting the call to service your home, no matter the scope of the job.

      Residential Siding Company in South Hampton, NJ

      Our team of experienced siding contractors at Design a Castle will help you get the ball rolling on your next siding project. Our siding installers are professional craftsmen, and they love helping people renovate their home’s exterior.

      The professional siding contractors at Design a Castle will carry out the repair work or completely replace your siding with precision, artistry, and efficiency as their guiding principles.

      Your Siding Options

      Our siding contractors have the knowledge and expertise required to guide you in selecting the right siding at the most reasonable price. Design a Castle offers plenty of different materials and colors to choose from, including ever-popular vinyl siding. When we’re on your team, your property’s value will increase, and your home’s aesthetic will markedly improve. Check out some of the siding options we carry:

      The Different Kinds of Siding

      Hardie Board Siding

      Cedar Siding

      Aluminum Siding

      Vinyl Siding

      Our owner, Bob, is a certified and experienced stonemason who specializes in stone veneer and vinyl siding. The various options we offer will optimize your home’s appearance and protect your home from both time and the elements.

      Financing Options Available

      Our experienced siding company wants to turn your home into the home of your dreams. That’s why our siding company offers financing options, so you and your family can make the home you deserve.

      Call (856) 988-7775 to learn about our different financing options.

      Why Choose Design a Castle for Your Siding Needs?

      We have nearly 50 years of experience serving the siding needs of South Hampton, and we are dedicated to quality and efficiency. We offer financing options to help you afford the repair or redesign your home needs. So, what else gives Design a Castle the edge over our competitors? How about a lifetime warranty for your siding installation? 

      You got it. That’s how confident we are in our ability to deliver.

      Our passion is helping the people of South Hampton craft their dream homes! Design a Castle works with you every step of the way to transform your current home into your dream home.

      FAQs About Siding Installation in South Hampton

      Have questions? Here are some questions we often hear from curious homeowners looking to learn more about the process.

      What is the Cost of Installing Siding?

      Every family and every home in South Hampton is different. The cost of siding depends on the materials chosen and the square footage needed to cover all or part of the exterior.

      The following questions can help you narrow the range down:

      Are you repairing your siding or replacing it?

      What is the square footage of the outside of your home? 

      What materials are you using to repair or replace your siding? 

      These are some questions to consider when estimating the final cost. Usually, the calculation people use for an estimate is to multiply $5 to $30 by the square footage of the work surface. The range of $5 – $30 shows the different costs of various materials.

      When Should I Replace my Siding?

      This answer also varies. Depending on when your siding was last replaced or repaired and what material it is made from, you may be in the clear, or you may need to replace your siding. 

      Wood siding is the most vulnerable to the elements. Over time, wood will succumb to warping, infestation, and dry rot. It should be replaced every 8 – 10 years, depending on your climate zone. You’ll know you need to repair or replace your siding if it has cracked, become soft, warped, or shows signs of dry rot.

      To test for dry rot, grab a screwdriver and press the tip up between two wood panels. Dry rot can’t be seen on the outside surface as it eats away at the wood beneath. If the area you inspect is brittle and crumbles away, then your siding has dry rot.

      That’s why we strongly recommend vinyl siding.

      Materials like vinyl and aluminum are more weatherproof and won’t fade the way wood siding does. Note that vinyl siding can warp in extremely hot and dry regions, but we don’t have to worry about that in South Hampton, NJ.

      Please give us a call at (856) 988-7775 if you are unsure about the integrity of your home’s siding. We would love to discuss repair or replacement options with you.

      What Are the Benefits of Replacing Siding?

      The most significant benefit of replacing your siding is that you directly increase your home’s value. If you seek a home equity loan or want to sell your house, having a stunning, new exterior will increase the home’s valuation.

      There are also practical benefits. By replacing or repairing your siding, you add to your home’s longevity, improve its exterior appearance and save money on energy costs. 

      Whether you are looking to sell, protect, or improve your home, replacing its siding is one of the best things you can do.

      What Should I Ask My Siding Contractor?

      When looking to get work done, there are some questions you should ask potential siding contractors:

      • What is your experience with siding repairs and replacement?
      • Do you use sub-contractors?
      • How do you remove waste?
      • What do you do with the waste?
      • Can you provide references?
      • Are you licensed and insured?
      • What kind of warranties do you offer?
      • What payment options are available?

      The Cost of Siding in South Hampton, NJ

      If you want to learn about the average costs of siding repairs and replacement in South Hampton, NJ, please give us a call at (856) 988-7775. We are more than happy to provide you with an accurate estimate of the service price.

      How to Find the Best Siding Contractor?

      Reading many reviews from plenty of trustworthy sources is your best bet. Not only will you average out any fake reviews, but genuine reviews from honest people are the best way to get that real-world assessment of a siding contractor’s quality and experience.

      It would help if you also mentioned that you are in contact with other siding companies. Contractors are more likely to negotiate a better price if you present yourself as someone in the market for siding repairs or siding replacement.

      That being said, we are confident that we are the best company for your needs. Let us help you realize the home of your dreams!

      Are you ready to choose a siding company? Call our expert siding contractors today at (856) 988-7775 to get an estimate.

      Let us re-side your home. Call our expert siding contractors today at (856) 988-7775 to get an estimate.

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